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Writer's Block Central

Where fanfics come to slowly die

9 September
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I'm the spitting image of Lauren Bacall! (okay, so my appearance needs a brown paper bag over its head - but I do have an active imagination...) I have dark blue eyes and dark brown hair - not to mention a dark soul to go with them. Personality lies somewhere between Groucho Marx and the Tazmanian Devil on speed. Am always seen with either a Discworld book or my ipod close at hand. Am of the opinion that life would not be worth living without a DVD player. Am also of the opinion that Benedict Cumberbatch ought to turn up outside my door with roses and chocolate. Am prepared to settle for Anthony Head. Am able to quote Shakespeare. Still haven't found an opportunity to do so. Want to live my life by Robert Frost's "The Road Not Taken". Also want to be an olliphant keeper.